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Layout Stability Research

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Date: 2007.11.15

To prevent any misunderstanding about the layout stability I decided to add this update to my portfolio in this regard. I would like to start with a real time example which is similar to the issue of layout stability of web content.

Power of an earth quake is usually calculated by Richter. It has different categories, for example 5 Richter, 6 Richter, 7 Richter etc. The higher the number in Richter the powerful is the earth quake.

They design an infrastructure for say 8 Richter, which is the highest happened earth quake in a region say in 50 years. I would like to make a statement for this infrastructure.

This infrastructure will stay stable only if power of a happened earth quake stays within the range that this infrastructure has been designed for, which is equal or less than 8 Richter. Other wise some part of it will become unstable or it may even totally collapse.

Same as above example, Layout stability for web content will have different levels at which a layout might stay stable or become unstable.

Layout stability recommends an elastic environment in which the web content retain their readability / usability within the criteria for which they have been designed. Layout stability does not recommend a pixel perfect environment.

This page is stable enough and it will not become unstable at all.

However, my portfolio is stable when browsing at the viewport size of 800 * 600 and 1024 * 768 which I believe are the most common used viewport sizes, if two or less than two extra increment of text size is applied.

Surely there are different factors such as resolution, browsers, platforms, text size and maximum extra increments etc. playing important role on the determination of levels for layout stability.

I am interested in studying this issue further and turn it to a global fact based on different experiments and researches. This is to provide proper criteria in which a web site and web content would stay stable.

I am inviting all individuals,CSS Coders, XHTML Coders and developers,universities and organizations to join me on this study and research on voluntary basis. Please use this link to find information on how to contact me and send me information about your web site and some information on the researches that you have done in the past.

Would you like to be a sponsor for this research? please contact me using my email .

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Proposal for further study


The effect of Layout stability on readability and usability of web sites


In this experiment we will study and determine all the factors which have an effect on the stability of web pages. Then we will categorize the layout stability based on the impact of these factors after conducting research and testing different layouts at different resolutions/platforms and systems with different browsers. Finally we will recommend to code web sites for different categories or levels of layout stability.


Capability of a layout to remain stable without breaking apart and without any overlaps etc. under different stresses such as when resizing the size of a browser window , applying increments etc. is what I recommend to call layout stability. It is crucial to maintain the stability of a web page to increase the readability and usability of the web content. There are different factors which have an effect on the stability of web sites. We need to determine what these factors are and categorize the layout stability. I believe I have some ideas which will definitely help in categorizing the layout stability.

We will then need to test different layouts and specify their problems in regards to layout stability to support our proposal. Voluntary participants will make up our research team and they are expected to work remotely around the world. A team leader will be chosen by the members and s/he will be responsible to gather all the necessary information from the members of the group daily/weekly. The team would be expected to provide all the necessary supporting documents and researches to W3C and other professional organizations in web design field for consideration at the end of agreed period.


Participants would preferably be internationally recognized individuals/organizations and posses a post graduate degree (and/or 5 years of experience in hand coding for web in total) in any discipline with at least two years of hand coding experience for web with a solid background in conducting research in the past. There is no age restriction. Participants are expected to have access to internet and personal computer(s).

Different browsers and different platforms will be used on PC and Mac systems. Preferably participants will have access to both PC and Mac systems, however, it is not mandatory.

When testing with internet explorer, only IE6 and IE7 will be considered. Preferably participants will have access to the different versions of following browsers: IE,Safari,Firefox,Mozila,Netscape,Aol,konqueror,Opera and different platforms such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 Professional, Mac and Linux.

Ten permanent and three reserve individuals will make up the team and tasks will be given by the team leader to the members. Team leader will be in contact with the members of the team by any means such as email, phone etc. Throughout the week. Members are expected to provide at least one email and one phone number. Weekly reports will be prepared by members and will be sent to the team leader.

Team leader will be responsible to prepare the weekly reports based on the findings and report of the team members. Team leader will be responsible to prepare the final report based on all the weekly reports at the end of agreed period and will submit it to the team members for final approval. Team members are expected to approve the final report within two business day and return it to the team leader.

Team leader will then publish, recommend it to the related organizations for consideration. Reserve member will be used if necessary or in the event of an emergency. Team members are expected to contact team leader in advance in case they are expecting that they will not be able to finish their task on time.

The entire proposal can be edited and revised by the team prior to starting the research.

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Participate in Site Check :

I decided to add this option to conduct the research both online to analyze the live and in action web sites side by side locally with the pre made layouts.

If you can not participate in research as a team member however you would like to contribute to the layout stability research by authorizing the team to completely analyze and check your web site against layout stability, please use my contact email to contact me.

No table based layouts please.

Obviously you must be the owner and copy right holder of the web site which you would like to be checked.

You must authorize the team by signing your authorization digitally or faxing and sending the original of the signed authorization to the team.

For now, if you are interested please send me the URL of your site for consideration. Information on how you can authorize the team will be sent to you after the team installment. Please note that due the volume of the work, only limited number of web sites will be accepted.

You will have 48 hours to cancel your authorization. After 48 hours from the date that your authorization is received, team members will start analyzing your site. The team will not accept any cancellation request after the 48 hour time period and reserves the right to continue checking your site and publish the outcome publicly.

No objection will be accepted.

Important note :

By authorizing the team to analyze and check your site against layout stability you agree that the outcome of analyzing your site will be publicly published by any means by the layout stability research team at any time.

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